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Friday, January 25, 2013

Almost There

Let me tell you a secret. The countryside? I've always hated it. The bugs. The dry, yellow grass rubbing against my legs in the summer. That fat, probably pregnant spider I found myself face to face with when I was doing my very own version of gardening a few months ago - read also, I tried to prune some shrubs and now they're all dead. Not sure whether those two incidents are related, but let's be honest, I wasn't doing it for the shrubs anyway. I was doing it to look cool, because two-hand pruning shears are cool.

That's nature in the summer, beginning of autumn, though. While it's still somewhat warm and inviting to all sorts of living creatures, humans included.

But now... now the temperatures have dropped, and the countryside looks like a bright green desert. Nothing moves, other than the crows perched on the walnut trees, and the occasional clump of firebugs chilling on a branch, or maybe on the corner of a stone block. It's quiet, unless the guinea fowl wants attention. These days, we only ever visit the country house to attend to our tiny zoo, which gives me plenty of time to wander. I always take the same route - the animals, the water well (where these shots were taken), the cabbages (always on the look-out for signs of the good old Pieris Brassicae), the few surviving shrubs, and the creek. It's become a somewhat comforting routine, even if I do have to wear three layers and rainboots to be able to complete it in this weather.

Which still doesn't change the fact that I'm only posting to remind myself that exam season is almost done, and then I'll be (somewhat) free to buy a nice jar and start a moss terrarium. And maybe even take on The Cat Skeleton Project...


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