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Monday, January 14, 2013

In The Correct Uniform

One exam done, one to go. Life has been nothing but books (the good, fictional kind), documentaries (it was 8:40 this morning as I was casually eating my morning toast and watching a rather entertaining one about hackers... and then when I got home I watched another one about the Natural History Museum in London and another one about fish), wearing these shorts until they start fitting properly, drinking lots and lots of water, and keeping myself on a very tight leash. Because you know what. Maybe I lied. Maybe I haven't made any resolutions for this year (or if I have I can't remember them). But I'm working on habits instead, and let me tell you, life flows quite smoothly when you commit yourself to doing (or not doing) certain things everyday.

Case in point: my Tumblr account has been logged off for the past 14 days. Oh glorious freedom from the blue scrolling demon. Though with the current Kim Jaejoong solo stravaganza, I've been taking my rants to Facebook, so I'm not sure whether I chose the right timing for this.

Either way, we soldier on.

PS - But don't think you won't be hearing all about my highly constructive thoughts soon. You will, as soon as the album's out. You will.

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