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Monday, January 07, 2013


Remember that time I posted a set of interior design photos and called them "Miss Havisham ditches her old manor, moves to Mexico and dedicates herself to dreamcatchers and herb gardens"? Well, I'd like to name these "24-year-old bachelor Walter Rothschild time travels to the twentieth first century, bringing with him a penchant for zoological oddities but very little patience for dusting".

I was going to say I should start writing these things down, but... yeah.


In all seriousness though, Walter Rothschild was an impossibly cool guy. Assuming you know who he was, you probably know that he had a carriage pulled by zebras. You might have seen that great photo of him riding a giant tortoise. But did you know he was also 6'3", and rather shy? Did you know he started his first natural history museum when he was ten, after three years of stating he would? Did you know he never married? Seriously. Victorian soulmate right there.


PS - That humanoid-y thing with teeth is a dental phantom, by the way. Pretty cool. In case you ever find one lying around... I'll totally accept it as a Christmas gift.

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