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Thursday, February 28, 2013

365 Days Ago: February '12

Well... it isn't February anymore, but if it was, it'd be February 30th, which still sounds like a somewhat legitimate calendar day, which is all the convincing I need to pretend this small delay never happened. Move along then. Go on. Nothing to see here.

I took this photo on Valentine's Day. I think it was about 2pm and I was set on taking myself out on a date - hence my all-time favorite dress. I can't remember (exactly) what else happened on that day. But I know I had fun.

Birthday loot. Pillows, a bedside water bottle, a fancy pen to keep around my dresser, a butterfly guide, and... yes, that is a framed photo of Kim Jaejoong, yes, it's been on my bookshelf ever since, and yes, it's a long story. It's titled My Sister Is A Troll.

And the biggest butterfly collection I've ever seen (though to be fair I haven't seen many). Visiting it was an absolutely mindblowing experience. A monastery tucked in the middle of nowhere, a monk guiding me through the collection and wishing me a happy birthday, his complete and utter kindness as he offered to show us the church, the cloisters, the birds he raised (hopefully still raises) as a hobby. Spotting a temporarily caged crow, picking lavender as we walked through the grounds, being offered oranges as a token of gratitude for our visit... it made me think back to everything I know and admire about monastic life. All religion aside, I've been always been rather fascinated by the way rules and discipline, when applied to the body through an external source, can free the mind to focus on the bigger picture. Because self control is a finite resource, you see. So maybe if I didn't have to resort to mine to get up every morning and spend the next sixteen-to-eighteen hours hitting all the required checkpoints of modern life, I'd be able to devote the most significant part of my attention to, I don't know, actually improving myself.


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