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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Calendar Fiction

Ah, Spring break. I'm only entitled to a few days this year (from today to... Monday), but I'll try to make the best of them. I've been dreaming of long walks with my dog and my camera, a little terrarium, a few hours with a cup of tea to finally finish my bone chapel book. And I've been dreaming of ten hours of sleep and not having to rush anywhere. But above all things, I've been dreaming of a shoulder that doesn't hurt when I use my arm for more than ten minutes.

Which is kind of a brilliant way to finish this post, because it's hurting right now and I have to go out to catch a train anyway. Also, I'm noticing... these photos were taken around Christmas, and three months later, ah, the weather hasn't changed at all. I guess it's still legitimate to post them now, then?

Have a great Thursday!

PS - That's my dog, above. That's 8-year-old Bo, who's been with us for less than a year now. His previous owners couldn't keep him, and they were planning on putting him down. My father knew someone who knew them, the situation became somewhat known, and since we were thinking about getting ourselves a big dog to keep around the country house... we ended up adopting him. I won't say I wasn't scared of the possibilities, at first. I wasn't sure an 8-year-old dog who'd spent so much time in less-than-ideal conditions would adapt well to a new family and completely new surroundings. But he did, and it's been a wonderful experience, having him around. I mean, I'm only his second favorite person (after my dad... those two have the most amazing connection), but that's good enough for me. He's still my favorite dog. Even if he can't walk on a leash, or run in a straight line without bumping against things, or move up and down stairs with any semblance of grace, or play catch more than three times in a row...

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