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Saturday, March 09, 2013

The Exile

('O Desterrado', 1872, António Soares dos Reis | Museu Nacional de Soares dos Reis - Rua D. Manuel II, Porto)

It was my birthday last week, and I chose to start it with a big breakfast and a book in bed, and end it at dinner with my parents and sister. As far as emotions go, it was a very loaded day, but the afternoon was surprisingly tame. Peaceful and neutral and quiet, just the way I like it, as I walked around a museum with my camera and looked at things as if I actually wanted to see them. I was taken aback by this statue. I'd seen it in books before and it was the main reason I actually chose this place instead of, who knows, maybe the marionette museum. I stood there staring for way too long. Long enough for someone to come check on me. But I was just so... fascinated.

I know exactly zero about art, for the record. Art movements and eras and artists pass me by. I evaluate painting by the highly scientific standard of 'would I hang it on my wall' and sculpture by the rather more pragmatic question 'how hard coult it possibly be to hammer this out of a freaking stone block', rated on a scale from 'I could do that' to 'ancient aliens'.

Well... I guess we do what we can to appreciate what we don't fully understand. Photos of the paintings shall be posted sometime soon. Right now, I really just wanted to share these little details. I can't stop staring. This one statue, I'm telling you, was worth what I paid for the ticket.

Have a nice weekend?

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