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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Things That Aren't A Statue, Part II

(Museu Nacional de Soares dos Reis - Rua D. Manuel II, Porto)

Okay, no more museums after this post. I promise. For a while, at least. Anyway, huh... I think this was my favorite part of the visit. I like knick-knacks, and things that have actually been used, and beautiful old rooms. Besides, isn't it amazing, the kind of craftsmanship that must have gone into making, say, that golden-and-red cross, or that box, or that harp? Ugh. To put this simply, details give me feelings.

Unfortunately, I went to a flea market today and found a grand total of zero items worth bringing home. Still worth it - the weather was kind of nice (though kinda cold, for March?, I walked a lot (my internship has been turning my days into a succession of padded chairs and I hate it), my legs hurt, and I have the rest of the weekend all to myself.

Exciting hours ahead!

PS - And by exciting I mean I'll probably eat and read and take naps.
PPS - Oh, and also, yes, there was a perfectly good mirror on the other side of the room, but why bother.

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