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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

365 Days Ago: March '12

I just realised I completely forgot about this post. I mean, can you believe it's April already? Where did these three months go? Can't say I've done anything particularly productive and or inspiring, but well, I worked hard on my internship report? That's gotta count for something.

Anyway. Let me guide you through what happened around this time, last year.

I wore a nice outfit? I mean, it looked nice back then, but I wouldn't wear it today. Because a) this has been one incredibly cold March, and b) I don't feel like wearing dresses these days.

I found this butterfly on my terrace. Most of you know I hunt and collect butterflies, but not all of them, and especially not all the time. I am selective - because go figure, I actually don't want to cause a butterfly apocalypse. So. Basically. I found this butterfly on my terrace, and I thought it was dead. So naturally, I picked it up. But no, it moved. I opened my hand to let it fly away, but it didn't. I took this shot, placed the butterfly on a leaf (yeah, I had more than just cactuses back then...), and went back to life.

Fast forward half an hour, I walked by the door and the butterfly had fallen. So I picked it up again, and realised it was still alive. So I did the only thing I could remember, fetched a small spoon, water and sugar, and tried to feed the butterfly. Believe it or not, it worked. (I actually have a photo of it? But it wasn't good so I never got to post it. I'll look for it.) A few hours later, the butterfly was gone.

I felt like I'd done an awesome deed, and besides, I got a great phot out of it.

Well, and for my sister's birthday, we went to... the border! She really wanted a photo with a foot in each country, so we worked hard on that. If you look at the first shot, on the right you have Spain, on the left you have Portugal.

If you look at the second shot, on the center you have a dead sheep. I should have brought it. The skull, at least. But back then it hadn't really hit me that I could collect bones (I don't know, it's like my brain works around timings I can't control), so... I didn't.

On the same day, we also found... an abandoned station! The photos aren't particularly good, because, go figure, UrbEx photography is nothing like riding a bike. And I haven't exactly had the time to use it, so naturally, I lost it.

In the second-to-last shot, I was standing in Portugal. On the other side, Spain.

Without further plans, we decided to end the day in Salamanca. It's a wonderful city (I'd move there right now, if given the chance), but we got there a bit too late for proper photos outside. Fortunately, La Cure Gourmande did not disappoint, and I ended up going shutter-happy there - while I tried to work my way around one of those weird lollipops (Anise-flavoured, thank you very much). After that, I considered buying a sword in one of the many many shops that litter the downtown area, and I cursed everyone in the Art Nouveau museum for closing so early, beause I would have liked a second tour.

Well. Maybe next time?

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