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Monday, April 22, 2013

A Valiant Effort

I spent my Saturday on my knees, in the dirt, digging around for the remnants of a guinea fowl we buried more than five months ago, on November 4th. It pleases me to say that we found most of the leg bones, squeaky clean, and the skull too, in a nearly perfect state of conservation - it's a miracle, how it survived my senseless shoveling. Though in my defense, I was there for a good hour, hour and a half, with the sun beating down on my neck and shoulders and my dog showing up at random intervals to causa miniature landslides around the edge of the digging site with his massive paws and his massive lack of common sense. To him, I'm sure that constitutes helping.

The downside is that the actual body of the bird was still quite late in the whole decomposition process. Blame the feathers - no one removed them out when the guinea fowl died, because no one actually thought I was planning on digging it back up. Anyway, my sister and I improvised a plucking session with our trusty hand-rakes... meaning, we pulled out everything we could before replacing the soil and saying bye-bye to the Project for a another month or two.

Meanwhile, I have cat bones to clean and hedgehog quills to pick (I found the poor thing, or what was left of it, a couple of weeks ago... it was literally just skin and quills, everything else was gone) and a mallard skull to dig up. But not right now because it's Monday and desk work calls.

Have a wonderful week!

PS - In case you were wondering, the guinea fowl pictured is still very much alive. We got it, along with the now dead one, from the same person, at the same time... it just so happened that one of them died a bit too early. Cause of death, unknown. The family has already entertained the possibility that it might have been killed by some sensitive listener because let's be honest, these are fascinating birds, but they sound just like... imagine elevator music in hell... yes, exactly like that.

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