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Friday, April 05, 2013

Never Give Up The Joke

My tiny, tiny, sample-sized Spring break came and went. All in all, I only had Thursday and Friday off uni, and then Monday off my internship. There were clouds. Both meteorologically and psychologically, but alas, no war has ever been won by sitting idle in the rain, so... we soldier on.

Outside, the weather was manageable for the first time in, excuse the repetition, a really long time. My sister and I took a wonderful walk, singing korean songs at the top of our lungs (for better or worse... it's true no one can hear you in the woods) and taking pictures of interesting-looking moss. We ended up under ankle-deep in the mud picking up little ferns for my Terrarium Attempt #1. Can't say anyone was really impressed by my raw talent for miniature landscaping... and I was going to say oh well you can't be good at everything... but I guess I can't really point out anything I'm truly good at. Mostly I just float around the better side of reasonable.

Speaking of reasonable, I've been having these visions of clockwork and insect pins... and butterfly wings and taut little strings... and angular futuristic little creatures and I really like the idea of trying to make one. Somehow. I mean... there is no empirical evidence to prove that I wouldn't be able to. So I feel confident. Guess I'm going to be sculptor next.

Back inside, my sister baked to her heart's content, and I worked on a new shadow box. (not pictured because I got distracted by a sudden craving for mango ice cream, and also those cute little emoticons on Naver) On Sunday, my grandparents came over for tea, and we ate like... well, to stick to the word of the day, unreasonable people. We don't really celebrate Easter, but I'll take up any excuse for cake.

I guess all things considered, it was a small break, but enough to bring my focus back. I set my priorities straight and gave myself a few pep talks. Things may seem really dark and complicated right now, but they will get better. I will admit it, if the universe worked according to my wishes, I would have hit the pause button by now - for a tea break and possibly a paper bag to breathe into. But fortunately for everyone currently inhabiting it, it does not.

And so the world keeps spinning.

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