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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Out Of Place & Overdressed

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A few details that have been keeping the style-oriented side of my mind busy. I really like the idea of cropped pants and cute little ankle boots. It looks comfortable and young and laid-back and it makes everyone look like their own version of a rebellious Victorian news-boy. Then, the bra. I like how it looks so functional and structured and heavy duty... and I like how the knit looks so soft in comparison and how the model has really attractive shoulder blades. It's a very good look, and I won't even pretend I didn't have it in mind last time I went shopping and bought a sweater with a zip-up back. And finally, I've been thinking about pencil skirts, lately. Pencil skirts with combat boots. It's such an unlikely combination, but with the right boots and the right skirt? I think it could work.

And as far as Spring moodboards go, this might just be the most inadequate of all time, but hey... to quote Dan Radcliffe, I tried and therefore no one should criticise me.

Oh, right, and to the portuguese out there... enjoy your April 25th!

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