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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

365 Days Ago: April '12

Once again, my catching-up post is late. But you see, I have been self-diagnosed with Final Semester Blues, so every slip-up will be automatically justified from here on. Just so y'all know. But then again, this time last year was actually pretty slow. The only thing I took pictures of was my haircut?

And then this dress, of course.

I remember I visited like... three stores to find it, nobody had it in my size, so I ended up bringing home an extra-small. Bad idea. I'm wearing it in the picture, but it was impossibly uncomfortable. Nevertheless, days later, I was lucky enough to find the next size up - and I made the switch. Of course, being me, I haven't actually worn the dress enough times to justify the purchase. Why does this always happen? Because I can't function with more than 10-15 pieces on regular rotation, that's why.

How about you guys? Tell me about your relationship with clothes!

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