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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Puppy Love

Everyone, meet our new puppy, Crude! (because my sister likes to name dogs after petroleum, go figure)

Crude was born on March 8th, and in these photos, he was around six weeks old. It was also his first time meeting our resident dog, Bo, and realising that maybe it's not such a good idea to refuse to play with a Lab. Bo accidentally hit him with one of his mammoth paws, and the rest was a string of very terrified sounds which culminated in Crude hiding behind my sneakers. I guess that settles it: both of my dogs fail at spatial awareness.

Now, at eight weeks, he's moved into our country house for good. Surprisingly, after that rocky start, he's getting along with Bo just fine. They go everywhere together, I've seen them eat together (even if they both have separate bowls?), and they curl up to sleep together. It's the cutest thing. It's not quite as cute when Crude tries to bite Bo's tail and ears, but... I guess the Lab knows how intimidating he can look - one snarl, and Crude vanishes out of sight. I would too, because I've seen that dog turn some big bones to pieces between his teeth, and it was terrifying.

Today, Crude had another misadventure, though. We were walking along the creek, my father, Bo, Crude, and I, in that order, when the puppy tripped and tumbled into the water. It was a two, maybe three foot fall, into maybe a foot of water - but he got tangled up in some plants halfway down and I'm not sure whether that made it better or worse. He panicked, sure, and he whined a bit, but he ended up struggling to safety. Then he fell into the water, but it was cold, so he whined some more. By this point I was already on my knees to pull him up, but he kept running around. Then Bo jumped in, but alas he's so big the water doesn't bother him at all - and, you know, he can climb out. So then my father jumped in. This whole ordeal lasted a whole of five minutes, but the poor puppy was quite shaken, even though he was never in any real danger. Fast forward a few minutes and he was back in the water just because he felt like it. Okay.

On different notes, two of our mallards died, so... I am now the proud owner of four mallard "graves", which will eventually culminate in four Mallard Skeleton Projects. I'm thinking of lining up the skulls in a dainty box and using the rest of the bones for... jewelry? Bits and pieces of bigger curio cabinets? I have no idea. I should probably start an Excel page if I want to remember these guys at all.


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