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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Times Like These #1

The Flea Market, this past saturday. I droped by to huh... support a friend, aka drool at the mere sight of her cake stand. This time, I fell for the pineapple brigadeiros, and I kind of regretted only buying a couple. More next time? I think so. (And by the way, if you're from Porto and you're into sweets... most people are, yeah, okay... I'd advice you to like her Facebook page, right here.)

A completely random shot of my bathroom. That rose's been there for... more than two months now. It wasn't planned - I just have this very strict, rather lazy policy of never throwing roses away (unless they start to rot, that it).

Experiments in dermatographism. Don't be allarmed, those aren't scars, and no one got hurt. The thing is, I have a skin disorder called dermatographic urticaria - it's quite common, affecting around 5% of the population. What happens is that my skin reacts to pressure in a slightly dramatic way, all red welts and whatnot. The effects last around thirty-forty minutes, and then disappear without leaving any trace. For this particular picture, I just wrote the word "skin" with the blunt end of a sewing needle, as an experiment to see how long it would last. This depicts the... three minute mark, I think? But then the word was visible for another hour or so. The upside is that needles work perfectly for this. The downside is that I tried on my chest and huh... I kept a couple of red lines over my sternum for two days. Oops?

I really like this shirt.

I also really like tea, so I took a few minutes a couple of days ago to reorganise my tea box. From left to right, we have: linden (which I don't like), the unbeatable Twinings Earl Grey, some random brand of black tea, lemon balm (which I don't like either), Twinings English Breakfast, Orange Pekoe in the visible black bag (second favorite tea of all time - and recommended by a Ciel Phantomhive roleplayer, you doubtful peasants), lemon flavored green tea in the black bag behind it, Lipton Mango & Peach, chamomile (which, go figure, I also don't like), mint (my current favorite), another random brand of black tea, a cute little tin of green tea from the Chinese grocery store, red fruits (OH GOD NO), and finally, a third random brand of black tea. Right now I'm also on the hunt for the Lipton Rose Violet White Tea, which is impossibly good... and, you know, open to suggestions.

Any tea lovers around here?

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