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Monday, September 23, 2013


The good thing about taking a blog hiatus, I believe, is that you always end up with a backlog of photos of somewhat interesting-looking events to write about. Today's post will be one of those attempts at catching up, and I hope you will forgive my somewhat clunky writing - but my verbal skills are very much finite, and at the moment, I'm directing them all towards finishing a short story. It's part western part steampunk part creature feature, and I may or may not be able to finish it before the deadline. Check back in October. The plot thickens!

Anyway. Back in July, I went to a medieval fair with a small army of friends. It'd been years since I'd gone to one, and it was a pretty fun experience. We set off on Monday morning, spent the day around the fair (and because my comrades were in costume, people kept stopping us to ask questions, thinking we were part of the staff...), attended the tournament after dinner (cue in screaming for our favorite knight on our side... and for the lady knight on the enemy side), camped overnight, had breakfast on Tuesday in a nearly empty café while the city still slept (at 10am... I don't know either), enjoyed the rest of the day, and finished our stay with a fancy foot bath and a cup of mint tea in the middle of nowhere.

I am 99% sure we will rinse and repeat next year. More photos after the non-existent jump, and man, I really need to get rid of my 18-55mm lens, it pales in comparison to the 55-250mm.

Thank you for reading, and apologies for my sporadic posting... guess I'm still getting used to this whole new university-less schedule. I think I will aim for one post a week for the time being, until I get everything figured out.

Have a wonderful week!

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