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Monday, September 30, 2013

The Evil League Of Evil Steam

Steampunk convention in Porto (and Barcelona, and Madrid, and Vienna, and so on... it's the Euro Steam Con after all) this past weekend. I had to ditch my fancy outfit at the last minute due to an unfortunate lack of time to finish it, but apart from that, I'd say it was a very successful event. Cupcakes happened, short films happened (Aurora, applause for effort and use of budget; Invention Of Love, DON'T TURN YOUR WOMEN INTO MACHINES GODDAMNIT; The Tale Of Mr Rêvus, evidence that a cute critter is the easiest way to get people to like your movie; and a few scenes from Airlords Of Aria), fun discussions happened, and we may or may not have planned to invade the Vatican.

Not a lot of pictures, because for better or worse I'm still battling my short story from last week - and due to the sheer effort, the visual side of my brain has shut down for the time being. I used to be such a good multitasker... I wonder what's happened.

Dont' say "the internet".

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