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Sunday, October 20, 2013

In This Style

Kpop powerhouse SHINee has recently released a new mini album, and while technically I do have these guys to blame for my current... incompetently managed interest in Korean pop music, I didn't really like the title song, or the music video.

Even so. I recognise awesomeness when I see it, and their promo shots were right up my alley. The big, dramatic hats, the monochrome (I mean, this is SHINee we're talking about, considering this is the kind of stuff they usually wear, black and white has never felt more refreshing), the ring pile-ups, the crosses, it's all very... let's call it Contemporary Gender Bender Wednesday Addams.

So let let it be known that all I want from life, right now, is one of those hats... ok, and a steady hand to apply eyeliner. And maybe that super cropped black sweater Taemin is wearing, because if I could recreate his whole look to just hang around the house tomorrow, I would.


[images: Dubulee & Forever Shining SHINee]

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