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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Contents Extremely Imaginative

NaNoWriMo has arrived! As we speak, I'm a little behind on my self-imposed goal of 75k words, but still on target for the 50k, so no panic. I'll write later today, somewhere between finishing The Lovely Bones and editing a short story.

Aaaaaand these pictures were taken last Saturday, during our famous Kick-Off Party - you know, when we occupy a whole room in this townhouse-turned-tea-house in the so-called arts district and let our fingers run wild. This year was our fourth, and like the third and the second, it gave me a newfound appreciation for this challenge, and the people I've met through it. It's easy to think of writing as a lonely endeavour, but if you surround yourself with the right people, it's surprisingly easy to strike a balance between alone and together. Using headphones, mostly.

These are my poetic words for today, and I'll leave you with them since I'm not feeling too good - insomnia plus back pain plus a never-ending to-do list can do this to a person. Have a lovely week, everyone, and don't forget the NaNo motto.

If all else fails... add ninjas.

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