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Friday, November 15, 2013

Polish Baroque: Agnieszka Osipa

Since by now it's probably become obvious that Friday is my inspiration-posting day, today I bring you Agnieszka Osipa, a Polish fashion designer who specialises in what I can only describe as... well, Witchy Baroque Meets The Bejeweled Skeletons I Wrote About The Other Day.

There isn't a lot of information available on these extraordinary pieces, so I'll just leave you with the photos. It's almost ironic, how I spent the whole Summer trying to convince myself (and everyone around me) that I was ready to put overindulgence behind me, cut off all my hair and start wearing nothing but white shirts, lean silhouettes and leather sleeves... and now Fall has arrived and I'm experiencing the pull of excess all over again.

I want to hide under layers of elaborate laces and antique-looking bling and call that a season.
You too? Let's go.

[images: Agnieszka Osipa]

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