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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Hey, remember that time I talked about going on a daytrip to Lisbon with my sister? I do, and it's a little disconcerting to look back and realise that post is actually from June. Where did the time go?

Regardless, let me tell you all about that daytrip. I wanted to see an exhibit in Lisbon, and being the baby wanderluster I am, I decided I'd take a train and go alone instead of turning the day into a family trip. Eventually, I decided it'd be much better to take my sister along, and down South we went. It was fun. Exhibit in the morning, lunch around the Gulbenkian gardens, then a visit to the Botanic Garden (including the Butterfly House, which I've already posted about because some things you just can't postpone...) and the Natural History Museum in the afternoon.

Well. The Natural History Museum, full name National Museum Of National History And Science, was... a conflicting experience. For once, I was expecting a lot of natural history and I ended up getting a lot of science. Nothing wrong with that, but when you enter a mammoth of a place (I wore my burgundy blazer for that!) expecting to find taxidermy and skeletons and formaldehyde jars at every turn, you can't help but feel disappointed when you realise there's only one (ONE!) zoology room. Well, three if we count the dinosaurs, but do I look like a dinosaur fan to you? I mean, they're cool, but they feel really distant to me, almost unreal - it's hard to explain.

So let's just say I really enjoyed my stroll through the amphitheater and the chemistry lab, I kind of rushed through mineralogy because you can only look at the same crystals in every museum in the country so many times before you tire, and then I... well, I behaved like a five-year old in the physics lab. Science!


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