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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Times Like These #4, & A Few Blogging Considerations

A few days ago, I was talking with a friend about social media, about how it can be such a valuable tool for creatives these days - but also about how you're no longer as good as your work, and only as good as the visibility you can give it. But I... the kind of person I am? Promoting myself is just not something I can do without a severe push from a third party and a nagging feeling in the back of my mind. It drains me like few things can.

So the other day, I looked at the follower count, here on the blog, and though "a year of blogging... and that's it?" - and you know what, I should have slapped myself. The fact that there are even people, people who aren't my personal friends, people around the world, interested in reading about my life is huge, all by itself. So, readers, I'm speaking to you directly. Thank you. I find it incredible that you're here, and I am beyond grateful for your support. I think it's easy to get caught-up in numbers when I am bombarded by people promoting themselves every day, people discussing the best ways to gain visibility, people obsessed with their relevance in whatever niche they write in. It's also easy to blame others for the fact that, ultimately, I wasn't focused enough on my own goals, which in turn made it easy to get sidetracked by theirs.

Followers don't just appear overnight. Followers are something you gain, something you work for, and honestly? Not something I want to focus on. I started this blog a year ago, more or less, and I did it for one very simple reason: blogging is something I just can't not do. I've been keeping diaries all my life. This is just another version of that same habit. Some people blog for a living, some people blog for ads and sponsors and various types of compensation, some people blog because they feel they have something to offer - I'm just not in any of those groups. This is, above all things, a personal blog, and as such, it feels impossibly dissonant to treat it the way advice on the internet tells me I should. I wouldn't promote my diary. I wouldn't build editorial calendars for my diary. I wouldn't worry about the amount of people who read my diary.

In the end, I guess I've given this a lot of thought, and arrived at the conclusion that this little URL will not be a priority in the great year of 2014. If social media is draining, and if I can only handle small amounts of it, then I guess I'll have to save them for something worthwhile. Things that aren't my diary. I may choose not to blog - and I will try to spend that time being productive instead. Or, I may choose to blog - but I will do it for fun, and I will expect nothing of it. It's just not healthy to worry so much about something this trivial. It's just not healthy to write meta posts about one's diary!

So. For fun, and expecting nothing of it, let's get to the post! First of all, I got a hair cut just before the holidays - the first photo was taken on Christmas Eve, the photo below was taken right after I arrived home from the hair salon. Too bad the blue highlight faded after two washes, it reminded me of Mako Mori from Pacific Rim. (meaning, it reminded me that I, too, have everything it takes to pilot a giant robot) On the left, little things I have amassed during this consumerist holiday we call Christmas. Zara silk shirt (you don't know what I went through to find it), tiny jars I will probably use to display dried flowers, a Galilean thermometer, a new day planner, and lipstick from Bourjois in that awesome orange/red shade I'd been wanting for ages.

Then, I was on cocktail duty for the holidays, but because I am a minimalist barmaid, I basically took every recipe I found and made it simpler. Above, a half-half mix of caramel vodka and apple juice (10/10, would rec); below, in the white tray, something I believe was black vodka, red fruit juice, and club soda in equal parts (5/10, will probably use less club soda next time); below, in the skull glass, absinthe prepared the old-fashioned way, with ice water and sugar (6/10, would try again with less sugar). I've also bought a corset! This will come as a surprise only to some of you, but I've been lacing up for a few days now, and the results have been pretty encouraging. This photo was taken on the very first day, with the corset only half-assedly laced, and it shows - can you see the gaps on the bottom? It doesn't look like that anymore, but... yes, expect a full post on the matter soon, because I have a lot of corset-related thoughts to share.

Have a great week!

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